Secrets of the Sea

This exciting interactive CDROM, ‘Secrets of the Sea – Exploring Helford’s Marine Life’ was produced in 2004 as our main resource for schools and the wider public.

It has been a big success and can be used for general interest and information on the Helford, or as an educational tool for all age groups.

There is a full general interest section detailing everything you want to know about this beautiful river, from its history and geology to its fishing and recreational uses and where to visit around its shores. Navigate around the estuary using the interactive map to learn about the different places and to see panoramic video clips of the shore. Want to know what animals and plants can be found at specific places? Use the field identification key and information on all common species to be found.

There are separate sections for primary and secondary students which cover habitats, food webs, identification, how the tides work, and environmental management, all linked to relevant areas of the National Curriculum.

The primary section uses fun interactive games to promote learning, such as the ‘Happy Families’ game which is a bit like snap and explains how different animals belong to different groups depending on what they look like. There are games of hide and seek with animated characters such as Cyril the crab and Sharon the shanny, and video clips to see how the tide moves in and out over the course of the day.

For older students there is more detailed biological information as well as a ‘virtual’ shore for gathering real survey data so you can see exactly what lives where on the shore without getting your feet wet!

The dedicated teacher’s section has printable activity sheets, extra notes and colourful, easy to use identification guides on all the main species found around our shores. All sections are linked directly to national curriculum outputs.

There’s a wealth of information and hours of fun to be had, all with atmospheric sound effects and stunning photos.   Email HMCG coordinator for a copy.

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