Helford Conservation Cruise

1st July 2012

The 19th Annual Conservation cruise set off on a dry day with a few grey clouds and
a brisk westerly wind. The “Enterprise” boat skipper with his intimate knowledge of
the channels and mud banks took us high up into the creeks, the haunt of shelduck,
sandpiper, redshank, heron and little egret.

A peregrine falcon gave a stunning aerial display over Dennis Head, whilst a sparrowhawk
swooped along the woodland edge in the upper creeks where two pairs of shelduck with
grey downy chicks could be seen awaiting the fall of the tide.

Ancient oak woodland fringed much of the shoreline contrasting with the impressive Sea-
Core Fugro drilling platforms at Gweek.

Sea-water tanks on-board with National Trust volunteers, gave an opportunity to see
various shore species such as crabs and anemones at close quarters.

Whilst the 100 passengers were charmed by the beauty of the trees above the ruffled
water, they also enjoyed their tea or coffee as they learnt more about the birds, the fish
and fishing, management of the land and woods, geology, local history and industries and
most importantly the whole marine web of life.

Sailors and land-lubbers alike appreciated the timeless beauty of the secluded waters,
muddy creeks, woodland tapestry and rocky shores and the importance of protection for
this vulnerable sheltered arm of the sea.

Andrew Tompsett

Edible crab. Image: Pam Tompsett.

Helford Marine Conservation Cruise. Image: Pam Tompsett.

© Helford Voluntary Marine Conservation Area