Some of the Helford VMCA reports are available to download as PDF files. These are shown in red.

All publications are available on request at cost (plus P&P).

Strategic Guidelines

  • Strategic Guidelines & Work Programme 2004-2009
  • Strategic Guidelines & Work Programme
  • HVMCA Strategic Guidelines Report


  • Helford River Survey Report 1987
  • Helford River Survey Report No 1
  • Helford River Survey Report No 2
  • Helford River Survey Report No 3
  • Helford River Survey Report No 4
  • Helford River Survey Report No 5
  • Helford River Survey Report No 6
  • Marine Algae of the Helford VMCA: checklist with records from the 19th Century
  • A list of invertebrates & fishes recorded in the Helford River to 1993
  • A population study of the common cockle in the beds at Helford Passage. Preliminary report
  • Distribution of oysters and other molluscs in the Helford River
  • Birds of the Helford River

Activities on site

  • Trigging: a summary of the knowledge
  • Helford River Settlement Project, Phase I Helford Passage in prep.
  • The Helford River Oysterage
  • Helford River Survey; a review of trigging (cockle collection) 1996-2006
  • Good practice in surveying and monitoring – a guide for volunteers
  • A survey of the commercial use of the Helford River
  • The necessity for a voluntary marine conservation area
  • Trigging Bar Beach, Helford River 5 April 1996

Species projects

  • Bass Project reports 1996-2009
  • Bass Project reports 1994-1995
  • Eelgrass (Zostera sp) survey
  • The ecology of the rocky shore at Pedn Billy, Helford River, Cornwall
  • The sedimentary shore fauna of the Helford River at Helford Passage, Cornwall
  • A study of the population dynamics and reproductive cycle of the common cockle, Cerastoderma edule in a Cornish estuary, with respect to an ecosystem
  • Environmental factors relating to the ecology and distribution of some intertidal populations of the sedentary polychaete Sabella pavonina
  • Helford River Settlement Project, Phase II: Pilot scheme to replace Eelgrass (Zostera sp) Helford Passage
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