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Newsletter No.45 Autumn 2012

  • The Marine Science Project
  • HMCG Members Committee Chairman’s report Autumn 2012
  • W. L. Collins (Leslie)
  • (Temporary!) Coordinator Introduction
  • The Early Days of the Members’ Section
  • Cllr Pam Lyne
  • Survey Teams Take to the Shore!
  • Helford Bass Surveys
  • Getting to Know the Helford
  • Diving the Depths of the Helford
  • Are you a ‘Friend’ Yet?
  • Supporting Business Profile : Budock Vean
  • The Helford Conservation Cruise
  • Photography Competition 2012
  • On a Sunny Afternoon

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Newsletter No.44 Spring 2012

  • Petrified moss (tufa) rediscovered in the Helford
  • The final countdown of Your Shore
  • HMCG Members Committee Chairman’s report Spring 2012
  • Eelgrass update
  • HMCG Advisory Group annual report 2012
  • Kay Hocking
  • Events profile: Abby Crosby’s predators and parasites talk
  • Fal and Helford Recreational Boating project update
  • Helford River Survey 2011 finds the Helford in good health
  • Supporting Business Profile : Trelowarren
  • HVMCA photography competition results

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Newsletter No.43 Autumn 2011

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Newsletter No.42 Spring 2011

  • A new name and a new era for Cornwall’s inshore waters
  • Invasive species
  • Your Shore – Full Throttle in 2011
  • Volunteer Profile – James Agnew
  • Eelgrass- An update
  • HMCG Members Committee, Chairman’s report Spring 2011
  • Tales of a Wildlife Photographer with David Chapman 11 Dec 2010
  • Monitoring water birds on the Helford River
  • Supporting Business Profile: The Great Atlantic Gallery

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Newsletter No.41 Autumn 2010

  • Venturing into Volunteering through the ‘Your Shore’ project
  • HMCG Members Committee, Chairman’s report Autumn 2010
  • Abigail Crosby
  • Fiona Beale 1933-2010
  • The Conservation of Bass
  • HVMCA Information Boards
  • New underwater eyes for Cornwall Sea Fisheries Committee
  • Marine and Coastal Access Bill update
  • Seaquest Netsafe
  • Heading Wild Foods Walk
  • Special Area’s of Conservation update
  • Supporting businesses profile: Cornish Holiday Cottages

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Newsletter No.40 Spring 2010

  • The National Lobster Hatchery – the future
  • Your Shore – Cornwall’s Marine Heritage Project
  • Cornish Dolphins – an update
  • HMCG Annual Report April 2009 – mid March 2010
  • HMCG Members Committee Chairman’s report Spring 2010
  • Australasian immigrants head down in the Helford VMCA
  • Helford barnacles
  • Look closely
  • Boats and barnacles
  • Explore the Shore
  • Durgan Fish cellar project
  • ERICA for Windows Database
  • Web site update

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Newsletter No.39 Autumn 2009

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Newsletter No.38 Spring 2009

  • Cornwall Wildlife Trust pinger project plans
  • HMCG Summarised Annual Report – April 2008 – mid March 2009
  • The Helford River Advisory and Management Committee
  • Seahorses: the enigmatic fish
  • Helford Marine Conservation Group Chairman’s report and newsletter
  • (Almost) all change on members committee
  • Falmouth Biathlon – Running and Swimming for the Helford!
  • Seacore Ltd – from Gweek Quay to Far-off Seas
  • Helford Community Quay Update
  • Helford River Photography Competition Results

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Newsletter No.37 Autumn 2008

  • Eelgrass – flourishing in the Helford
  • Membership chairman’s autumn newsletter, 2008
  • Rocky shores and Snorkelling Safaris
  • Congratulations to our Chairman, David Muirhead, for his deserving M.B.E!
  • New co-ordinator enjoys wedded bliss!
  • Discovering the Wonders of Looe’s Marine Heritage
  • Duchy Oyster Farm Update
  • Ode to Sabella for Pamela from Stella
  • The Helford Marine Conservation Group takes to the water!
  • Up all night (but not partying): UK’s first marine BioBlitz
  • The history of Cornish seaweed observers
  • Cornwall AONB Support Greatly Appreciated
  • Helford VMCA launch 28 July 1988
  • Photographic competition – ‘Celebrating 20 years of the Helford VMCA

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Newsletter No.36 Spring 2008

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Newsletter No.35 Autumn 2007

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Newsletter No.34 Spring 2007

  • Helford’s herons and enigmatic egret
  • Helford around the world
  • Natural England Update
  • Annual report April 2006 – March 2007
  • Heavenly Helford
  • BBC team get their feet wet to film Helford’s fantastic rockpools
  • Fal River Links 2006 summary at a glance
  • Helford shellfish notes
  • People page

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Newsletter No.33 Autumn 2006

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Newsletter No.32 Spring 2006

  • Helford VMCA Poetry Competition 2005
  • Hidden habitats of the HVMCA -Eelgrass (Zostera marina) beds
  • The Helford River – An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Helford Marine Conservation Society – Chairman’s Report, Spring 2006
  • Annual Report October 2005 – March 2006
  • The intertidal flies of the Helford River
  • Otters and waterways -the health status of otters (Lutra lutra)

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Newsletter No.31 Autumn 2005

  • Helford Native Oysters
  • Alwyne Wheeler and the Flying Fishes
  • New geological sites (RIGS)
  • Annual Report October 2004 to September 2005
  • A Botanical walk in May
  • A cormorant and pipefish prey
  • Farm Pollution advice in the Helford Catchment

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Newsletter No.30 Spring 2005

  • Cornish dolphins, past, present and future
  • Royal apparel, ladies’ gloves and the Fan Mussel
  • Fal and Helford Oysters
  • Counting Cornwall’s Crustaceans: the first 12 months
  • Update on oil protection by Falmouth Oil Services Ltd
  • University of Exeter study on the Helford Catchment
  • Joana Doyle

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Newsletter No.29 Autumn 2004

  • The Helford River – a Haven for Bats
  • Seacore – a success story from Gweek
  • Annual Report October 2003 – September 2004
  • An episodic epitoke
  • Helford Conservation Cruise 2004
  • Taxi!!
  • “Secrets of the Sea” for the Cornwall Audio Visual Archive
  • St. George’s Island Marine Reserve
  • “By-the-wind Sailors” Attract attention

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Newsletter No.28 Spring 2004

  • Seaweeds and animals of he the Helford River
  • Look at the animals on the shore – events in 2004
  • Seaweeds – of Helford and beyond
  • Seasquirts from across the world invade Britain!!
  • Here today, gone tomorrow – the Peacock worm Sabella pavonina
  • Swans on Gillan Creek
  • Diving into the blue, or should that be red?
  • Happy 10th Birthday to you!
  • Stella Turk’s cetacean notes from May 2003 – January 2004
  • Jan’s cetacean report for 2004
  • Dr Pamela Tompsett’s award
  • Tribute to Barry Candy

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Newsletter No.27 Autumn 2003

  • Annual report – October 2002 – 2003
  • Helford Farm Project
  • Counting Cornwall’s Crustaceans
  • Bumper Seabass hatch in 2002
  • Cup Corals and Cuckoo Wrasse
  • SEC Monitoring
  • Increased Cetacean bycatch and rising temperate; a possible link
  • Fish parasite responds to climate change!
  • A tribute to Lance Peters

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Newsletter No.26 Spring 2003

  • A new look at Helford’s birds
  • National recognition for Stella Turk
  • Chairman Changes ….
  • Dolphin disaster
  • Calcified seaweed or maerl
  • New bylaws have been passed to protect the humble cockle
  • Bass protection measures – byelaw changes
  • Making the ‘Jaws of the Helford’ video
  • ‘Sea-searching’ for marine life
  • Percuil oil pollution control boom development
  • A caribbean cruise with a difference!

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